Update: 1

“Where’s my chapter?”

Short answer here: Author of Break Blade is ill again (this time with a sore throat or something along those lines, though how that’s stopping him from drawing, I have no clue.) He’s just given in his first draft, though how long it’ll be until the actual chapter is released, I can’t tell you. He also seems to have taken a liking to the game Kantai Collection, and unfortunately seems to put it on a higher priority than doing actual work. (If you want updates and can read Japanese, follow his Twitter account here.)

Also trying to do Onsen Yousei Hakone-chan chapters amidst more real-life business. I’m back, I promise! This isn’t one of those “I do a bunch of chapters and disappear for another year” things, unless the Break Blade author actually does take a break for a year (as he’s done before). I’m just waiting for the next Break Blade to come out, as well as trying to look for volume 2 raws for Onsen Yousei Hakone-chan. Once these two things are done, I can really get the ball rolling once again.

3 thoughts on “Update: 1

  1. Onsen Yousei Hakone-chan – Is there any chance of more vol1 coming out while your awaiting vol2 raws and Break Blade?
    Please, please, while rolled in honey and sesame seeds 🙂


  2. good luck with the exams, thankfully that is well behind me


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