Update: 2

“Where’s your IRC channel?”

Short answer: After losing control of the channel, I’ve just decided to not utilize it any more.

Long answer: Due to a few unwilling and uncooperative elements (and the fact that the help channels on IRC don’t really care whether you need help or not), I’ve decided to just stop using the IRC for XDCC downloads. The channel will still be up as long as random people join it (for no other reason than the fact that they can’t be arsed to read this post), but I won’t log on to it anymore, nor will I upload any more releases to the bot in the channel (if it sticks around). It’s just too much trouble trying to navigate the system.

It’s simply a matter of fact that direct downloads are much faster to access, and a lot less complicated (at least, for my technologically uneducated self.) I hope those of you that still use XDCC will understand.

2 thoughts on “Update: 2

  1. Understandable, and honestly I doubt it would really inconvenience many.

    The only reason I personally use XDCC, is because some scanlators either do not offer alternatives (For the obvious reason that they don’t have to worry about takedowns and it scares off normalfags), or the only DDLs they offer are from terrible hosts (Cancerous ones with miserable speeds unless you pay for their premium service and are the kind of sites that justify the use of AdBlock (EX http://uploaded.net )). I also prefer to if possible get older/back releases from the scanlators site (I consider MadoKami a last resort (except if it’s those damn Batoto-only groups that do not offer any DDLs at all)) if at all possible, and generally XDCC is the only place where archives survive without takedowns (Unless the group is dedicated enough to reupload things).


    • i understand that readers would prefer to have a place where archives of all releases exist in one place. i think that’s why i started using XDCC in the first place. nevertheless, the time spent taking care of the channel didn’t seem worth it (a lot more people use DDL for my releases, at least that i know of.) like you say, i don’t think it’ll be all that inconvenient.


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