Break Blade 88

88: DDL | Batoto

im back fams

So the raws for 88 came out yesterday, and I got this translated today.

It seems like the author is getting better re: his wrist pain, so I’m foreseeing a future of quick chapters, decent plot progression, and hopefully satisfactory translations.

As for me… what have I been doing? That’s for me to know, and for you to guess.

Either way, enjoy the chapter.

(Also, I’m starting to translate a light novel. Read it in the previous post.)

(Also also, I’m taking suggestions to translate manga series that have been dropped. Hit me up. Note that these are suggestions, not requests – I will have to try and fit new series around my ever-increasing university schedule.)

12 thoughts on “Break Blade 88

  1. Glad to have you back Viscoun, I honestly didn’t know how much I valued your translations until you took off on hiatus and saw what we had for replacements. Now I know, always thank your translators and scanlators.

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  2. oh baby

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  3. I’ll try to hit you up on batoto


    • holy fucm it’s been a while lol, you still at MSD or na


      • Yeah dude, still going strong. Slow and steady but surely. Still cranking out releases. Glad to see you’re doing what you love still haha. If those other people drop Watari, we should team up again and do it lololololol, let me know if you need help bud. I’ll try to help out~


    • yup i would be down for that, but only if they drop it… :L i’m also looking for other stuff to scanlate again since break blade literally updates 4 times a year, so i’d be down for anything else too


  4. Thanks a lot for the last chapter.
    Do you plan to scanlate the missing ones ?

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    • honestly, i don’t know. someone’s already done the chapters, but they’re pretty low quality. i’m tempted to re-do them, but at the same time i can’t seem to find any good raws for those chapters (since they were out like a year ago…)


      • Thanks for the answer. I also found those chapters and it’s indeed in poor quality (they added “jokes” for their own pleasure)


  5. Hey man, some news about the series? I feel it seems Berserk…


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