About Me

I’m Viscoun. I’ve been translating (or scanlating, if portmanteaus are your thing) on my own for five years and counting.

Translation is not something that I enjoy all the time. The will to translate is a culmination of habit, reader pressure, and a race against time to ensure my skills in translation and in using Photoshop are not lost to forgotten memory. That doesn’t mean I hate translation – far from it. I love the process, and I relish the challenges it presents.

I occasionally get stick from certain translators who think, correctly, that translating from Chinese detracts from the accuracy of the translation. But I am not here to meticulously bring every single word over the language barrier, from raw to release. No one can do that, and I am not about to be the first. As long as the meaning is clear and equivalent, and the English is fluent, that is all a fellow reader need ask for.

I obviously don’t think I will translate forever. But I hope to stay around long enough to put smiles on a few faces.


Can I make requests? Sure. I will consider everything and anything. Even hentai. Note, however, that I can only take a few at a time.

How often do you release? Whenever I want to. This could be daily. This could be yearly. (Yes, yearly.) It depends on how often raws come out, and how often I’m bothered to translate them.

Can I join you to help you release faster? Nope. I’ve always been a one-man group. Managing myself is hard enough – managing other staff would be a nightmare.

Can I re-translate projects into my own language? Certainly. In fact, don’t ever ask me for permission. It’s not like I asked for permission either. *chuckles sensibly*

How can I contact you? You can e-mail me at viscoun304[@]gmail.com. You can also follow me on Twitter, or just comment on these posts – I usually respond on the day.